we focus on you

At Spanish Tutor Miami, we specialize in individual Spanish tutoring in Miami. We invest time to get to know you so we can tailor our lessons to your needs, goals, and desires. 

It all begins with a personal consultation to help assess not only your level of Spanish, but also why you want to learn, what you hope to accomplish and how individual Spanish tutoring in Miami will get you there.

1. During the free consultation we select the schedule and frequency of classes. 

2. Lessons will be tailored to help you achieve your goals. 

No textbooks, no writing, no rote translations: we create a natural way for you to learn the language through modeling, repetition, and correction. We use current events, culture, and the city around us for a more effective and meaningful way to learn and achieve faster results.

Our philosophy is that the commitment and dedication of both the tutor and student is the secret to success. And while we’re serious about teaching, we always keep the lessons fun and engaging. We don’t work with clients. We work with friends.

one estudiante at a time, thats our motto.

Zoom sessions are just as effective and lets us teach anyone, anywhere in the world. Of course if you prefer face to face lessons, we’re happy to do that too.

*For high school students whose schools don’t use this method, we focus on grammar and help with homework. Speaking isn’t the focus for these lessons.





















[email protected] / monday – friday 8am – 8pm / 786-357-6632

[email protected] / monday – friday 8am – 8pm / 786-357-6632